Beston Machinery is a leading designer, developer and supplier of waste tyre to oil plant which uses the advanced pyrolysis technology in converting tires to oil. This makes it ideal in dealing with waste tyres and consequently ensuring sustainability by reducing environmental pollution, which has been a global menace by contributing to global warming. There have been increasing demand for sustainable solutions in waste management due to the increasing awareness on the impact of pollution on climate change. Recycling has emerged as one of the most ideal ways of handling waste due to the production of useful products. The tyre oil machine produces tyre oil which is used in industries as fuel as well as carbon black and steel wire.

Tyre to Oil Machine to Canada

Tyre to Oil Machine to Canada

Process of Converting Tyres to Oil

The process of converting tyres to oil is relatively simple as barely anyone can easily learn how to operate the tire oil machine without having any prior experience all qualification. The process begins by putting waste tyres into a reactor and rotating it clockwise. The feeding inlet door is then sealed tightly to ensure there are no gas emissions which may be harmful to the operators and the environment. The reactor is then slowly heated to around 250 where the tyres will form oil gas vapors. The vapors then travel from the reactor to the condenser where they are condensed and liquefied. Any excess which is not liquefied is conveyed to the combustion system through advanced safety devices and is used as fuel in heating the reactor which saves a lot of energy by reducing fuel consumption. Following the production oil, the reactor is then cooled down to about 40 degrees where the carbon black and steel wire are discharged. Here is a video from Beston Youtube Channel for your reference.

Multipurpose Use of Pyrolysis Machine

Our advanced pyrolysis machine employs the latest technologies which allow for the conversion of waste rubber, oil sludge and waste plastic which have been traditionally hard to manage as they are non-biodegradable and thus have a very negative impact on the environment. The multipurpose functions guarantee more efficiency and productivity and therefore a quick return on investments.

Unique Reactor Design

Investors have a choice between a fixed pyrolysis reactor and rotating pyrolysis reactor. The rotating pyrolysis reactor is ideal for a client with relatively small floor space and lower budgets. The reactor rotates at 360facilitating uniform heating and consequently enhancing the pyrolysis efficiency. The uniform heating greatly increases the service life of the reactor and consequently guarantees more revenues while reducing the investment costs. Its simple structure also facilitates stronger adaptation making it ideal small-scale manufacturers. The fixed pyrolysis reactor uses a fixed furnace and is also referred to as a fully continuous plant. It has a greater working efficiency as compared to the rotating pyrolysis as the furnace supports heat energy by itself. This greatly reduces the fuel costs and the continuous heating process ensures a higher oil yield and therefore creates higher revenues for the investors. Here is a picture of Beston tyre recycling equipment to South Africa.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant to South Africa

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant to South Africa

State of Pyrolysis Technology

Beston Machinery has adopted the latest international heating approaches which significantly enhance the service life of the tire to oil machine while not compromising on the heating speed. This significantly increases the working efficiency in converting tyre to oil while also drastically driving the cost of production down. This makes the machines highly affordable in areas where fuel costs are significantly high and increase revenues over the long service life

Safe Discharge and Dedusting Systems

The tyre oil machine employs a dedusting system in removing sulfur components. It also does not produce smoke, odors and therefore it is significantly safe to the environment as well as the operators. Our advanced condenser allows for the liquefaction of barely all oil gases hence increasing productivity.

Experience and Service

Our experience and quality have enabled Beston Machinery to be one of the leading waste recycling plants manufacturers globally having shipped our machines across the globe to such countries as Canada, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa and Nigeria among other countries. Besides, our professional team offers installation and training of the operators enabling them to use the tyre to oil machine effectively. Besides, our expertise and experience in the manufacture of the tyre to oil machinery allow for the modification of the plants to effectively meet the needs of the clients.

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