tyre waste brings environmental issue and many organizations including the governments agencies are concerned with the impact that the old discarded tyres have in the environment. But thanks to the pyrolysis plant as tyre waste can now be recycled. If you have access to only small amount of tyre waste, you can get small scale pyrolysis equipment. Although the small pyrolysis plant is not as efficient and have higher output as the high-end pyrolysis plant, it is very cost effective in recycling low quantity of tyres.

Small Scale Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

Small Scale Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

Benefits of Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant:

Small scale pyrolysis is designed to fit exactly the needs of most customers. Most customers only have limited amount of tyre to recycle and requires an affordable recycling machine. Here are some of the advantages of getting small scale pyrolysis plant:

·Space: small scale pyrolysis plants requires small amount of space to install. You can install it in a 30x10x8 M and save a lot on space.

·Affordable: the small scale pyrolysis equipment is cost-effective and you get easily break even with the small tyre waste available.

·Easy to deliver and install: transporting the small plant is easier. It designed for easy installation features friendly interface that most people find it easy to operate.

·Environmentally safe: small pyrolysis plant emits less harmful gasses to the environment. This makes it easier to meet the

EU Environmental Emission Standard, which permits only small amount of emission. There is the information about environmental-friendly design: BestonGroup.id.

Comparison Between Small Scale And Large Scale Pyrolysis Plants:

i.Feeding and discharging methods:

Small pyrolysis plant allows either manual or auto screw

feeding. Carbon black only discharged once the pyrolysis reactor cools down. On the other hand large scale pyrolysis plants are fully continuous and allows only auto screw feeding. It can also work throughout and does not need to cool down before discharging the reactor.

Beston Small Scale Tyre Recycling Plants for Sale

Beston Small Scale Tyre Recycling Plants for Sale

ii.Configuration and quality:

The small pyrolysis plants use the same working principle with the large pyrolysis plant and are configured in the same way. Both types of pyrolysis can be configured to fit the specific needs to the customer.

The small scale pyrolysis plant rhymes the large scale plant in terms of quality. The advanced technologies are incorporated in the small scale machine to ensure that the products of the small machine meet the market standard. Pyrolysis plant manufacturers uses ultrasonic flow detector to ensure that every machine that leaves the factory is up to standard.

iii.Output and Capacity:

Small scale pyrolysis produces between 6 ton and 30 tons or recycled products. The output depends mainly on the amount of feedstock. The more the volume of feedstock, the higher the output it will be. On the other hand large scale pyrolysis plant requires a lot of feedstock and very high rate of output.

Consistent quality:

The small pyrolysis plant achieves consistent quality meaning that you will always get the same quality of the finish product when you choose the same quality of raw material. Different inputs produce different by-products. For instance from waste rubber tyres you will get carbon black, pyrolysis oil and steel wires. From oily sludge you will get slag and pyrolysis oil.

The best manufacturing companies guarantee the quality of the by-products and sends experts to train you and your workers to help improve the quality of the by-products. You can also get follow-up processing machine such oil distillation machine to help process the pyrolysis oil into diesel oil.

High rewards:

Unlike the large pyrolysis plant, the scale pyrolysis plants are available at affordable prices. The machine comes with a complete guide to help you operate the machine effectively for maximum production. When you buy a small scale pyrolysis plant you get the following services for free:

-Shipment to your door step, assembly, installation and commissioning.

-Training and professional guide from the supplier. You can consult the supplier on the business planning.

-Online customer service that will help you to answer any questions that you may have about your equipment.

Final Verdict

The introduction of small scale pyrolysis plant has seen the reduction in environmental population and many small enterprises affords the equipment.

The small scale pyrolysis plant adopts the latest technology to ensure high quality by-products that meets the market demands. Although the machine can only process small amount of waste, it rhymes the full scale pyrolysis plant in terms of quality of by-product. Go on https://bestongroup.id/waste-tyre-pyrolysis-plant/ to see this machine.

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