Poor disposal of domestic and industrial wastes has led to the increasing rate of environmental pollution due to the fact that these wastes end up in water bodies, in the streets and even around homes leading to detrimental health effects. As a result, there has been the development of a garbage separation machines that are able to sort the different types of waste making it easier for handling at the recycling or disposal sites in an effective way.

Different types of wastes that can be separated by a garbage separation machine (You can also refer to the website of https://bestonmalaysia.com/garbage-separation-machine/ for more information of the machine) include:

•Textile materials


•Metallic wastes

•Polythene and plastic wastes

•Glass waste

•Liquid waste

Garbage Separation Machine

Garbage Separation System

Components of a garbage separation machine

•A feeding system: it feeds the garbage into the machine and transports the materials to the uniform distributing machine.

•Uniform distributing machine: it allows even distribution of the garbage material making it easy for the separation process.

•Rotating screening machine: it allows the separation of the garbage depending on the size of the materials.

•Bag breaking machine: it allows the breaking of garbage containing bags making it easy for garbage separation.

•Magnetic separator: it enables the separation of the metallic materials in the garbage by use of a magnetic field

•Comprehensive suction: it allows separation of large sized garbage materials into light plastic materials, heavy materials and secondary heavy materials.

•Sealed belt conveyor: it is used in the transportation of garbage and it enables a clean working condition by reducing dust particles.

•Deodorization tower: it allows the removal of bad odours during the separation process.

•Manual sorting system: it enables the separation of useful materials before they are directed to the recycling site.

•Automated packing system: it consists of a hydraulic machine that enables picking and packaging of light plastic wastes thus reducing the amount of space occupied by the materials.

MSW Sorting Plant

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

How a garbage separation machine works

Garbage is fed into the garbage sorting machine, or the municipal solid waste sorting machine, by use of the feeding system which transports it to the uniform distribution system where it is evenly distributed. This is then sent to the manual sorting system via a conveyor belt. Here the garbage will be manually selected and the large garbage materials are separated. The bag breaking machine then crushes the garbage bags making it easier for the separation process. By use of a conveyor belt, the garbage is directed to the rotating screening machine which separates garbage depending on the size into large and small materials which are composed of organic materials. Metallic materials such as iron are also separated at this point by the magnetic separator on which they are attracted. The garbage is then directed into the comprehensive suction unit that separates it into light plastic materials, heavy materials such as bricks and secondary heavy materials such as textiles. The separation machine then ends up with different materials which depending on the type can either be recycled or disposed off.

Garbage separation end products

1.Organic matter

This can be converted back to gas that can be used for fuel and energy by the fermentation process.

2.Metallic materials

This can be recycled back to make new steel and other useful metal products.


Plastic obtained by garbage separation can be used in the production of fuel oil by the pyrolysis process which can then be used as a source of energy especially in industries such as aluminium and glass making industries.

Plastic can also be used as a strengthening material in the rubber industry.

4.Sand and stones

These combine with carbon black can be used in the construction industries to make new bricks.

Advantages of a garbage separation machine

•The machine has a deodorization tower which is able to eliminate bad smell providing a conducive working environment

•The machine is completely able to separate the different types of waste thus making it more efficient.

•It does not require a lot of labour as most of the process of the machine is automated.

•Waste separation makes it easier for the recycling process since most of the material is already sorted out.

Benefits resulting From the use of a garbage separation machine

•Reduction of environmental pollution which in turn reduces the harmful effects of pollutants to humans especially those associated with heavy metals such as mercury.

•Reducing the amount of waste dumped on the land especially those materials that cannot be degraded such as plastic.

•Recycling of materials such as metals, plastic and paper which could otherwise go to waste as a result of disposal.

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