Automatic waste segregation system uses a number of sorting means to separate the organic matter, plastic, metal, stones and sand out from the garbage so as to improve the recycling and reuse of the waste.

The purpose of the system is to turn waste into useful treasure.

The garbage waste is harmful to the environment since it destroy the natural beauty of the environment, pollutes the environment and spread diseases. That’s why with the advanced technology, the automatic waste separation plant is introduced.

Due to the maturity of recycling technology, the automatic waste segregation system is more automatic, labour saving and efficient leading to quality final products.

Waste Segregation Machine

Automatic Waste Separation Machine

Features of Automatic waste Segregation system.

1. Environmental friendly.

The final products from waste segregation system is processed into valuable and useful resources or they are disposed of without polluting the environment.

Also the working model system is well sealed to reduce pollution of the garbage.

The system also has a special odor control system that protect the workers’ health and the surrounding environment.

2. High working efficiency.

The automatic waste segregation system is equipped with automatic equipments. The structure of the devices help to achieve automatic operation leading to improved working efficiency.

3. Safety and security.

Each belt of the system is fitted with an emergency stop button to ensure safe operation.

It’s also equipped with a surveillance system to make sure all processing procedures are well monitored and running as expected.

4. Easy to operate.

The automatic waste segregation system operates automatically thus making the production process easy and safe to operate. The operator of the system spends less time when operating it.

5. Equipments are advanced.

The automatic waste segregation system is normally invented by professional teams who have the relevant knowledge, skills, research and development experience. The system has a low failure rate.

6. Customer sales services.

The customer is given both pre sale and after sales services. Pre sales services include: site visit before buying the system, training on how to use the system. The after sales services include: professional team provided for consultation, installation assistance by experienced engineers,product updates,quick wear supply to customers.

The raw products of this kind of municipal solid waste management system include industrial waste, municipal waste, mining waste,landfill waste and household waste.

Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant

MSW Management System

Sorting Process of Automatic Waste Segregation System.

1. When the garbage truck enters the field, the garbage is unloaded on the loading area. Then the garbage is deposited to the feeder system.

2. After the distributing machine has evenly distributed the waste, it is taken to manual sorting area. The workers sort out the larger objects and hazardous waste in the solid waste.

3. Then, after manual sorting, the waste is taken to the screening machine where screen treatment takes place. The machine divides the waste into two parts, the larger materials of size more than 50mm and small materials of size less than 50mm.

4. The waste materials of size smaller than 50mm are organic matter which are sorted out by magnetic separation and iron materials are selected. The waste that remain is deposited to compost workshop for treatment.

5. The waste materials larger than 50mm are then passed through magnetic separator and iron materials are selected. The remaining material are deposited to the winnowing machine where wind selection treatment takes place. The machine sort the garbage into three kinds of substances, light waste plastic, heavy materials and secondary heavy materials.

Lastly, after sorting, packing takes place through the automatic packing machine.

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Uses of final products.

1. Waste plastics can be sold directly or they cab be crushed, cleaned and recycled to produce new plastic materials.

2. Organic matter is used to generate biogas through fermentation system.

3. Inorganic matter can be used to produce bricks.

4. Bricks and stones can be used to improve the quality of soil.

5. Metal can be used for recycling or it can be sold directly to the market.

Automatic waste segregation system is important and necessary to a country and people for waste management to reduce environmental pollution and outbreak of diseases.

It is a great business opportunity to invest because it is an emerging and profitable idea which maximizes profits. The system leads to environmental cleanliness, social benefits and economy improvement because it’s eco-friendly, automatic and efficient. When planning to invest in the business get sufficient research from different companies and also on online platforms. Get a company that will provide you with good services that will suit your desired needs.

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